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Why? Well, because my mission is to help you. I've been there. I've felt stuck. I've struggled. Over YEARS of therapy and hard work, I can now confidently say that I LOVE who I am. And I'm actively working towards achieving dreams that I NEVER thought were possible, despite the health obstacles life has thrown at me. And I want nothing more than to share my personal experiences & tools to help YOU get to that same place of healing.


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If you haven't seen the little links here and there, I'll tell ya flat-out: Peel & Heal Studio has an amazing Facebook group. And no, I'm not just tootin' my own horn. What makes it so great? The COMMUNITY that has formed! You'll find an inspiring group of folks in there, all of who are interested in learning to accept their realities...the good, the bad, the ugly...AND who are invested in cheering others on along this bumpy journey of life. Who knows, your future best friend might be waiting to meet you in there! Join us.
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