My go-to books on a variety of self-help topics... check back soon for a full list!


In the meantime, let's start with the basics of books in MY world... JOURNALS!

Journal Queen hand drawn art from Peel & Heal Studio

If you haven't seen the entire shop section dedicated to journaling, head on over to investigate. Journaling was a HUGE part of my success and stability in recovery, so I urge everyone to find a method of journaling that works for THEM!

And yes, even if you're not a huge fan of writing...or rarely have time to jot down more than a CAN still have a functional, productive journal. How?! 🎉Gratitude journaling!🎉 By simply taking a moment to write down ONE thing you're grateful for each day, you can begin rewiring your mindset to one of strength, thankfulness, and optimism (keys to tackling any of life's hurdles if ya ask me!). Check out the gorgeous options over at Promptly Journals -- you guys will LOVE their chic vibe. Looking for more color? Erin Condren has ya covered. Need more suggestions? Just send over an email, friend! I've got ya covered!