These are some of my go-to businesses and online shops*.
The owners are not only AMAZING entrepreneurs,
but their products and missions are aligned with those of Peel & Heal Studio:
we're all in it to help YOU find health and happiness, embrace self-care, and show up to the table authentically.


Silk and Sonder:

subscription-style monthly planners.
inspired by bullet journals.
layouts based on and inspired by
positive psychology.





Erin Condren:


Check out the company
that first opened my eyes
to the world of decorative planners & habit tracking!


Emily Ley, Simplified, Simplified Planner

But if the structure of Erin Condren's
Life Planners isn't your jam,
rest assured...
ya girl's got another recommendation!

I 110% suggest checking out
Emily Ley's planners and office supplies.

They're a bit more...well...SIMPLIFIED 😂 and totally chic
if you're looking for something a bit more traditional.
PS...GORGEOUS gift options here, too!






monthly subscriptions of socially-conscious products.
so you can treat yourself AND feel good about it.

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters


Many of my friends & fam know I'm a HUGE fan of fun socks! It's kind of a thing.
Why? A - life is too short for boring socks.
And B - they're an article of clothing that can ALWAYS make you feel good,
regardless of HOW your body looks.
A perfect gift for anyone struggling with body image.
Especially sock companies like Sock Panda that give back!



*Note, some links provided are affiliate pages. You will never pay more going through these links; I'll simply get a few bucks thrown my way if you order through them as thanks for spreading the word. Rest assured, this page will not contain brands that I wouldn't personally spend my money on!! They are businesses that stand for the GOOD in the world (to the best of my knowledge), and I'm giving them a shout-out in the spirit of #communityovercompetition

xo, Haley